Jahro Console is a plugin for Unity 3D.

Simple debugging experience for Commands execution on various platforms in real-time.

Run any commands during runtime. Visual or old-school Text mode.

What makes Jahro so good?

Undemanding to resources and light as a feather.
Non-developers’ oriented UX and UI.
Flexibility of customization and effortless control.
Simple access to commands during runtime.
Easy parameters input for commands.
Ready to go after package install

How it works

Install a plugin.
Add custom Jahro Commands
Launch your project in the Unity Editor or on a target platform.
Press Tilde button or four-tap on mobile to access commands.
Get the latest updates first

Explore our features

Two operating modes
Following the call of your dev’s heart and duty, pick up your favorite input style: visual view or old school console mode.
Cross Platform Support
Created from an idea to provide an easy to use a tool on any platform, Jahro supports mobile or desktop platforms controlled by Android, iOS, or Windows. The support of WebGL is not left overboard as well.
Extremely Easy Installation
Few clicks to import the plugin and Jahro is at your service.
Innumerable Parameters Support
Striving to provide the best developer’s experience, Jahro has no restrictions in working with different data types (separately or in combination).
Non-developers Friendly
Jahro is a buddy for everyone, who works hard on Product Development: developers, product owners, level designers, quality assurance... and even non-technical “who are these” guys.
No Deadly Cut Off And Rebirth
Taking mom-style care about the project's data, Jahro deactivation or re-activation will not affect the source code and the performance of a build.
Child’s Play Usage
The confluence of the user convenience and plain design is key for inspiring your fast and furious work.

Whatever happens, better call
Jahro Console

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