Tricks at your service

Extremely easy to use.
Undemanding to resources.
Developer-friendly grouping of commands.
UX-friendly for everyone: Console and Visual operating modes.

User-friendly view to work with commands.

Main tricks:
- Aссess to any command available in a Console view.
- Command groups, which can be easily created and customized by a user.
- Favorites and Recent commands groups are available by default.
- Simple to use parameter input window for any command.
- Convenient work with Enums in Visual mode.
- Mobile-friendly UX.
COnsole mode

An old-school text command input.

Main tricks:
- All commands input are saved and available for reuse.
- Autocomplete functionality to select commands.
- Simple parameters input using space.
- Immediate output of executed command results.

Need more details?
Check Jahro User Guide.

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