our story

Jahro Console is a child born by our own company - Crysberry.

Crysberry is a company, which develops Unity and Native Mobile software for our clients for more than 10 years. As a result of these years, we collected enormous and unique experience about the development process while creating 100+ products. We definitely understand and empathize with developers as we are a part of their community. We know all the subtleties of product creation and its setup. Also, we know how it is important to dive into the testing process so that users get the expected experience at the end.

All the knowledge and wisdom were implemented into a Jahro Console bringing the understanding of how it must help Developers, QAs, Product Owners, and anyone else taking part in a product creation process.

What we stand for?

Gorgeous development experience.
An idea of simplified debugging in real-time.
An easy to use tool light like a feather.
Additional control over the debugging process.
A change of runtime workflow: everything you dreamed about is in runtime now, debug mode only.
A focus on the performance but not struggle during the debugging.
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