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Buttons! This is what Crysberry developers point out most often when asked about Jahro's advantages. We are not keen on developing massive feature sets that no one will use. We have only selected the important stuff and implemented it with maximum usability in mind
Are you doing this?
1. Somewhere around the third command of the ‘tap five times in the upper corner to get more money’ kind, testing becomes unbearable—you simply forget how to do things. It was the first problem we tried to solve with Jahro: all the commands are listed in a small pop-up window that can be easily opened and closed to see the project.
When a dozen testing commands are tied to the screen, more often than not, they start overlapping the action regions. For the user not to trigger the developer cheat instead of a regular action by accident, all the cheat commands must be removed manually before the release. With Jahro, you don't need to do that: all the commands are deactivated once you disable the plugin.
In some projects, the amount of bounce in rigidbody gains vital importance. The client keeps adjusting the value dozens of times, and if they are in a different time zone, the process may take weeks. And then there's a new build to make each time. Jahro eliminates this. You just send the app with pre-defined debugging commands and let them tinker with the values themselves. In addition, reporting bugs is as easy as sharing them by email.
Other specifications:
. Uses up to 4 MB of the device's memory
. Available on Android, iOS, Windows, WebGL
. Quick recall of the latest commands in the console
. Error, Warning, Debug, and Commands categories for log sorting
. Global log search via the search bar
. Log copying/sharing via email
. Text autocompletion during manual input
. And much more!
If you don't find a feature critically important to you, please contact us at improve@jahro.io.
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