Resolve Unity Errors
with Max Efficiency,
not Max Effort

Simple debugging experience for Commands execution on various platforms in real-time.A Simple debugging and cheat code plugin for Unity 3D projects.
Resolve Unity Errors with Max Efficiency,
not Max Effort
Get full control over your build
How it used to be
Tap the screen twice for the character to fly, tap thrice to check payments, and swipe from upside down to adjust gravity. The screen was full of hidden commands, and the testing process became nothing short of a smartphone massage session. Jahro's visual interface allows you to pull down the console, select double-speed, and test the scene in real time.
What makes Jahro so good?
Log sorting with the ‘end of all hope’ and ‘this can wait’ categories
Support for all arguments required to create a command
Tech support available (if we are not trying to change blue to cyan ourselves)
Android, iOS, Windows, WebGL support
Resizable console
It doesn't mess up the project
Jahro has no overgrown ego and doesn't mess up the project's resources during installation. All you need to do is just press the Enable button—and disabling it is just as easy. Meanwhile, the code you've been working on for months remains untouched.
We tackled the biggest problems first.
It lists all the commands
With the start screen listing all the commands, you can just enjoy your work, no longer needing to tap on the smartphone's tiny keyboard or sharpen extra styluses.
Easy to use
It doesn't discriminate against non-programmers either. Jahro is easy to use for novice testers and even clients. With pre-defined commands, you can rerun any portion of the project and change whatever arguments you need in real time.
How we did it?
Frankly, we just grew tired of the way things were.
For ten years, we have been creating game/AR/VR applications in Crysberry. Since 90% of our projects are mobile, we test the product on target devices from the earliest development stages. We wanted the testing of hundreds of builds all the way to the final
Two view modes
This view lists the commands sorted by subject or
whatever is convenient for you.

- Quick access to all commands in the console
- Command group creation and editing
- Favourites and Latest Commands lists available by default
Use the command line as if you are inputting
a cheat code in Counter-Strike.

- All commands are saved for reuse
- Easy value input—just add a space
- Immediate scene modification upon entering a command
Old school
It's always better to have a choice
What developers say about us
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Oleksandr Bespalov
Unity Developer
It generates buttons!

Very easy to use!
Automatically generated buttons sold it to me.
It is way easier to use cheat codes by pressing buttons! Especially on touch screens. Love it!
Unity Developer
The best console I've ever seen!

Very useful tool for testing.
Saves a lot of time and simple in use.
Thank you. Nice job!
Unity Developer
This is one nice cheat-panel asset here

I was looking for self-starting and lightweight cheat-panel and I got it. Attributes on methods are standard for console solutions but this one creates fast and easy to use UI for them. Special thanks for the work on parameters, enums as dropdowns, range controls for numbers like in Unity - just great!

I like the idea of the categories but IMHO it should be done as tabs instead of fold-out groups.

Anyway, cool asset that saved me a lot of time.

p.s. - good colors! :D

How it works

Install the plugin as described in our instructions.
Configure custom commands for use in the application.
Launch your project in Unity 3D or the target platform.
Launch the command to test the episode in real-time.

Whatever happens, better call
Jahro Console

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