Unleash the power of custom command execution and monitor variables efficiently on various platforms in real-time.
Screenshot of Jahro Console's interface showcasing the ability to execute commands, track variables, and view logs in a Unity project, enhancing debugging and development.

Experience Debugging Differently

With Jahro, your Unity project gains an invaluable debugging partner, offering dynamic command execution, real-time variable monitoring, and thorough logging.

Command Execution

Jahro Console empowers you to create and run custom commands, giving you granular control during runtime. Get knee-deep in debugging, precisely the way you want.

Watcher Mode

Observe the values of variables, fields, and properties during execution and debugging with a dashboard-like view. No need to pause and play, see changes in real-time.

Advanced Logging

Stay in control with logs directly in your build. Jahro handles all Debug.Log or you can opt for Jahro's custom logging system for a more detailed view.

User Interface

Get the upper hand with Jahro's intuitive, user-centric interface, tailored for unity developers.


Jahro brings to the table benefits that resonate with your Unity development needs.
  • Robust Debugging Power
    Unleash the full potential of debugging in Unity with Jahro Console. Command execution, runtime registration, detailed error logs, and watch mode at your fingertips.
  • User-Friendly Design
    Jahro is crafted for everyone. Whether you're a coder or an artist, a QA tester or a stakeholder, our console welcomes you with its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Safe and Lightweight
    No need to worry about your project's performance. Jahro Console is optimized to consume minimal resources and can be excluded from your project with a single click.
  • Command Execution
    Create and execute your custom commands during runtime. Invoke static, non-static, lambda expressions commands, and support overload and different parameters types.
  • API Accessibility
    Jahro gives you the reigns with its API controls. Customize your experience and manage the console with ease.
  • Responsive Support & Continuous Improvement
    We're committed to the continuous enhancement of Jahro Console. With a dedicated team to answer your queries and take in your feedback, we ensure your voice is heard.

What USERS say about JAHRO

  • Oleksandr Bespalov
    Very easy to use!
    Automatically generated buttons sold it to me.
    It is way easier to use cheat codes by pressing buttons! Especially on touch screens. Love it!
  • Dai4u
    The best console I've ever seen!

    Very useful tool for testing.
    Saves a lot of time and simple in use.
    Thank you. Nice job!
  • Andre
    I just purchased Jahro console yesterday and started using it. First off I'd like to say well done. This is exactly what I was searching for. A tool that allows me to expose commands via console and UI. Most tools do one or the other.
  • kate_revvo
    A nice and easy to integrate cheat panel asset.
    No scene changes are needed, works perfectly on mobile right out of the box, removes itself from the release builds.
    Cheat methods can be placed in any assembly and simply marked by an attribute. The console view is surely useful, but my personal love goes to the visual view mode - those neat self-explanatory buttons are used by our QA and game designer with no need to teach them the hard console stuff.
    Thanks for the categories as well, those are really helping to arrange your commands nicely, and special thanks for those tiny touches as "the last used command", etc.

    Easiest cheat/dev/debug panel ever, thank you, and waiting for more features to come!
  • Phist
    This is one nice cheat-panel asset here

    I was looking for self-starting and lightweight cheat-panel and I got it. Attributes on methods are standard for console solutions but this one creates fast and easy to use UI for them. Special thanks for the work on parameters, enums as dropdowns, range controls for numbers like in Unity - just great!

    I like the idea of the categories but IMHO it should be done as tabs instead of fold-out groups.

    Anyway, cool asset that saved me a lot of time.

    p.s. - good colors! :D
  • Minorueatslegs
    Okay, so that lib allows you do mark methods(with any number of parameters) with an attribute and they will pop up in the nice console view, so you can invoke them whenever necessary. That makes debugging and first stages of the project lifecycle waaaaaaay easier!
    Would be cool, if you guys made unity logs popup there too. Also, think you might want to have an editor window upon asset import, like DoTween does, so that user will not have to dig into the readme. Anyway, thanks! Hope more features would be added soon!

    For anyone reading this review - totally recommend this asset!

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